29 April 2009

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29 April 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.
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Today I am spending the day with a friend’s 1 year old and am looking forward to crawling around the floor and playing in the park and have tried to dress accordingly while still maintaining some sense of style. I loved the discussion that resulted from S.’s post yesterday and would like to continue it.

I too am entering a new phase of my academic career, I finished my comprehensive exams a few weeks ago and will be starting the dissertation this summer. Like reader Joni, I am often more productive when I lock myself away at home in sweats. I firmly believe in dressing for success and always dress up for teaching, presentations, and even solitary 6 hour exams when no one will see me, but don’t necessarily find this is best for me when working from home.

I will be teaching all next year so will still dress up on those days but wonder if I might find myself in sweats at least one day a week.

E. too is entering a new phase in about a month and a half when baby e. finally arrives! So as a prepare to spend the day with a little one, I wonder how her style will adapt.

As I start my new phase, I am most worried about getting into a routine and not losing half my day to house work and/or blog reading! I like to go back and forth between crazy hermit days and days with an out-of-house activity. I can only work like a madwoman about once a week so it helps to break the other days up. Next year, I plan to make regular house calls to visit E. and baby e. which will give me something to look forward to and thus a reason to get some work done for the day.

My questions to you:
How do all you work-from-homers structure your days?
When does style fall to the wayside for you?
What in your life is worth letting style fall to the wayside for?

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  1. Sal says:

    I’ve been sick for about 4 days and today was the first that I’ve been able to put in ANY effort. When my body is miserable, my style falls to the wayside!

  2. ShopKim says:

    I’m a work-from-home’er and I will say that it’s hard to stay motivated to get dressed in a more stylish way every day. As for structure, every morning I have to get up and take my son to school so that at least gets me out of my jammies. I also need to leave to pick both kids up by a certain time, so the time in between are always my work hours – typically 8 to 4. Now that the weather is getting nicer I hope to be able to bring out more fun clothes and get motivated to get dressed. It definitely makes you feel better!

  3. Libby says:

    I have three kids, and stay home with the baby, and I do school work while the baby is napping. I always make an effort to get dressed nicely and apply makeup. It makes me feel good when I pass a mirror and see a put together woman. When I feel confident, I act confident, and do better work in every aspect of my life. One of my tricks is that I refuse to buy any article of clothing that doesn’t look great on me. When your wardrobe is full of colors and shapes that work, looking good is easy.

  4. Diana says:

    When I work from home, I don’t get as dressed up as when I’m at work, but I try to at least put on jeans and a nice blouse. If I stay in my pajamas, I’ll just want to go back to bed instead of work.

  5. Clare says:

    Great questions (and great outfit to play with a little one!). This is a hard pill to swallow, but my personal hygiene often falls to the wayside when I’m stuck at home, working or studying or sick. But if I can force myself to get in that shower and put on some fresh clothes, I feel a million times better. However, I almost always leave out any accessories or “flairs” to my outfit when I’m home. What’s the point of a statement necklace if no one’s getting the message?

  6. the spanish lady says:

    to dress or not to dress, that is the question. I have to study at home, six days a week, and the biggest effort I am able to do every morning means leaving the pyjama consist on taking off the pijama and finding the most comfortable and clean clothes. The point is that the seventh day I do get dressed and it is kind of… Take care everybody out there, I am leaving home!

    Ps: Hope you can understand it, my English has been sleeping for too long now… ;)

  7. Julia says:

    Style falls to the wayside for me days I’ll be working in the lab long hours. This is a practical reason for me because I don’t want to ruin my nice/stylish clothing. Those days I wear jeans and t-shirts that I know I won’t be heartbroken over if I get acid holes, oil, or other unknowns and dirt all over me. (Lab coats help only so much.)
    I don’t love those days, I feel sloppier than I like…but I’ve also learned my lesson by ruining several tops and nice shirts.

  8. Sara says:

    Congrats on turning this amazing corner in your career! That’s just fantastic – I have so much respect for all my friends who are currently pursuing their PhDs.

    When I started working from home, my style went to pieces. It was relatively gradual, but by winter, I was in sweats every day. Thing is, I am much more productive when I prepare my day as if I were going to an office; when I take myself and my job more seriously, I do much better at it and am far more satisfied. Joining wardrobe_remix really helps me to stick with that plan. Seems like a silly thing, but it helps me so much when I’m dressed properly!

    And it’s taken me some time to find the schedule that works best for me. I avoid the internet and blogging until lunchtime because I can very easily convince myself to blow off an entire morning reading and browsing and blog-hopping. And then it’s noon and I have nothing to show for myself! My afternoons are far more productive if I have a strong start to my morning.

    I hope this helps!

  9. D. says:

    Might I just say that I am so glad I found your blog! I am a young professional that is also in the education field. I am a high school English teacher and it is very hard for me to dress stylishly each day especially during those wet winter days that make you crave a fleece jacket. However, I have found the essential black pant with Danskos and a cardigan with chunky jewelry combo works fantastically on days where I have to dress quickly and run out of the door in order to get to work on time.

    My fallacy in dressing is learning how to give up denim. I work is a strict school setting that does not allow teachers to wear jeans so, I have had to make wearing dress slacks fun which is hard to do since I hate any kind of dress-up clothing. Nine to ten hour days are also a killer on my feet so, I have go-to Dansko clogs and Earth boots that help me get through while looking pulled together.

    Also, in my world and work sleep is essential. Some days I pull my hair into a knot and throw on something with black pants due to the need for sleep. I just cannot function in the classroom if I have been up late grading papers or preparing classroom materials.

    My question for all three of you ladies is: What type of PhD are you working on? How soon after getting your Master’s did you begin? Do you need to have proficient teaching experience (5+ years) in order to become a solid PhD candidate?

    I ask all these because, I am a scholar at heart and enjoy teaching however, high school is not my niche. I would love to pursue a PhD in women’s literature or American literature in order to become a part of higher education.

    Good luck with your studies and soon-to-be teaching experience and keep the inspiration for looking stylish going!

  10. Kimberly says:

    On days I don’t leave the house (usually just a couple of Sundays a month) I only change into different “commfies” from my pjs and don’t do anything with my hair or makeup. I think a couple of days like that are good for the soul! :-)
    Unfortunately, I have always had a job that requires me to get dressed and out of the house, so I have never been tempted to become “unstylish”. Ha!
    Hope you had a great day!

  11. admin says:

    Thank you everyone for your honesty and the great advice. I had a long drive yesterday to get to my play date and was thinking about all these things the whole time. I had such a great time crawling around on the floor and was very happy not to be worried about flashing baby (in a skirt or lower cut top) or getting smashed raspberries on some dry clean only item. However, I also enjoyed my walk through the neighborhood more, knowing that I still looked put together.

    Everyone’s advice about structuring your day and getting dressed or not getting dressed is fantastic. I will continue to think about this and experiment with this and will let you all know how it is going.

    Sara- I am going to start my experiment with your advice. I am going to not look at blogs until lunchtime starting Monday. I am very much a morning person and can be very productive in the morning when I set my mind to it. This means you won’t be seeing my posts until lunchtime next week!

    D- I will try to answer for all three of us to the best of my knowledge but E. and S. may need to add to this.

    E. and I are working on our PhDs in Art History. E. started her masters when I stared my PhD (I received my master’s from another school). I have never take real time off and have to admit this year in particular I started to feel the burnout. E. took a year to teach between undergrad and masters.

    S. is getting a PhD in German and Comparative Literatures. We are roughly at the same stage in our schooling. She took a year off after the master’s too teach German at a high school. I think her situation might be the most similar to yours. She liked the subject matter but not the age group.

    None of us needed (or had) much teaching experience (in addition to the above mentioned, S. and I both taught while getting our masters). I know many PhD candidates in English who came right from undergraduate work or form other careers.

    Hope this helps – good luck and keep us posted!

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  14. Joni says:

    I know this topic is kind of done now, but I was away at a conference and not blog-checking. I wanted to add that some of why I didn’t get dressed up while writing the dissertation from home was partly how I was raised. It was ingrained in me as a kid and even a teen to change out of “good” clothes when we got home from school or being out. I think not wearing my good clothes around the house has cut-down on cleaning costs and allowed some pieces to stay looking new-ish longer than they might otherwise. I also have two dogs (basset hounds. They shed and the hair can get really embedded in the fibers of some clothes. That said, I would like to get some nicer-looking, dog-safe, “at home” clothes so I’m not embarrassed to answer the door in scuzzy sweats!

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