Fashion 101: How To Combine Colors: Monochrome and Split Complementaries

February 22nd, 2009 § 31 comments

Module 4: Monochrome and Split Complementaries

We enjoyed playing with multi-colored ensembles so much last week we decided to give it another go…but we’ll also try out more subdued monochromatic looks. Week 4 of our Fashion 101 on Colors again explores two different color schemes: split complementaries and monochromatic colors. There are not many examples of either of these schemes in our archive of outfits, and the split complementaries will likely be a challenge on par with triads. It even sounds a little bit complicated.


Monochromatic color schemes use multiple shades of the same tone. Rather than dressing head-to-toe in a single tone of blue, for example, you can mix a pure hue with lighter and darker tints. This simple combination can be quite subtle and sophisticatedly understated. But, because shades of the same color can risk looking rather boring, this is also a good opportunity to play with pattern and texture.

Monochrome, originally uploaded by academichic.

E. and A. both sported black and grey for monochromatic looks but not with out a pop of color in at least their accessories.

Split Complementaries:

Split complementary color schemes are a bit more complicated – they are a variation of the complementary color scheme covered in Module 1. In the split version you pair one color with the two colors adjacent to its complementary. Examples include yellow with blue-violet and red-violet (adjacent to purple) and (dark) blue with red-orange and yellow-orange (adjacent to orange). The best way to figure out a split complementary scheme is probably to pull out the old color wheel, draw a line straight across to determine a complementary pair, and then look to to the immediate right and left of the complement.

Split Complementaries, originally uploaded by academichic.

Only S. has worn a split complementary when she wore salmon (orange-red) with blue and green (adjacent to blue-green).


This week we will be challenging ourselves to master the split complementary and try out monochromatic schemes beyond black and grey. If you do too, drop us a comment and let us know!

If you missed Modules 1, 2, 3 click here for background on our color project!

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  2. Sal says:

    Looking forward to seeing the results of THIS round of experimentation.

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  20. [...] Monochrome, Take II – this time I’ve paired shades of green with black (a neutral). I don’t wear monochromatic outfits often so this always seem exciting and out of my usual style-zone when I do put them together. I often wear one color with neutrals but then I introduce additional colors with my accessories. It’s rare that I will accessorize using only shades of the same color present in my outfit. But today’s greens worked out so well that I’m tempted to try this more often. Greenery, originally uploaded by academichic. [...]

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