Fashion 101: How to Combine Colors: Triads and Analogous Colors

February 15th, 2009 § 62 comments

Module 3: Triads and Analogous Colors

After a week of soft yet rich neutrals, we’re ready to bring a little more color into our wardrobes. Week 3 of our Fashion 101 on Colors has a two-fold focus: triads and analogous colors. While the latter is a phenomenon found frequently in our ensembles, the prior will perhaps present the most difficult challenge yet.


Triads are hues that are equidistant on the color wheel. They can create a colorful and bold mix, but can also threaten to compete with each other for attention. Examples include blue, red, and yellow or orange, green, and purple. Of course, creating a triad with fully saturated, bright hues is often a formula for looking like a German Expressionist painting. Triads comprised of tertiary or intermediate colors, however, can be more subtle but still interesting. Examples would include: blue-violet, yellow-green, and red-orange or red-violet, yellow-orange, and blue-green.

Triads, originally uploaded by academichic.

Thus far, only S. has worn what qualifies as the closest to a triad outfit, by combining purple, green, and red-orange. Clearly, we are going to have to push our color-mixing tendencies this week to dabble in triad territory.

Analogous colors:

Unlike complementary colors or triads, analogous colors are not found far apart from each other on the color wheel. These colors are neighbors and play subtly off each other. While a blue and green scheme may seem like a natural choice, other analogous combinations — such as red and orange — may not be as obvious. If we include the tertiary or intermediate hues in the color wheel, an analogous scheme could also pair violet with red-violet or yellow with yellow-orange. Too close for comfort? We’ll find out.

Red and Orange, originally uploaded by academichic.

Analogous Colors – Blue, Blue-Green, and Green, originally uploaded by academichic.

A. and E. tend to wear analogous colors in the cool blue-green families, while S. gravitates to the warm families of red and violet.


For this week’s challenge, we are all excited to tackle the triad color scheme and see if we can translate it into compelling outfits. We will also dedicate outfits to analogous combinations, hoping to produce pairings not usually second-nature to us. If you do too, drop us a comment and let us know! And don’t forget to check back soon for Module 4.

If you missed Modules 1 or 2, click for background on this project after the jump!

Course Description:

It’s easy to fall into a rut and wear the same color combinations over and over again. A. and E. have put all of their art-historical training towards creating a useful color wheel of clothing, designed to inspire new color combinations in yours — and our — wardrobes. This is the second of several modules addressing different color combinations and providing examples from our own daily wear. Follow us as we navigate the color wheel and put color theory into practice.

The Color Wheel:

Color Wheel of Clothes, originally uploaded by academichic.

According to Wikipedia, a color wheel is:

an organization of color hues around a circle, showing relationships between colors

In this model, red, yellow, and blue are primary colors; orange, green, and violet are secondary colors; and red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet are intermediate colors. Color combinations can be built by using the color wheel to build particular color relationships or color schemes.

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  1. Sal says:

    Can’t wait to see what you ladies do with this … and really fascinated by this project overall. I push people to utilize color more in their outfit selections, but with no real sense of color theory. I’m learning a ton!

    • Geraldo says:

      And now in 2015, six years later, you’re still struggling with coordinating colors. Haven’t you learned anything, “Already Pretty?”

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  14. Amy says:

    Here’s my go at Analogous colors. I never would’ve put this together without that color wheel and this tutorial. Thanks ladies, this is awesome! I hope you keep it up!

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    I have learnt a lot

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  56. Kency says:

    Hi my name is Kency. I am blind and would like to know how to combine the colors without any help from a sighted person. Soon I will be getting a talking color identifier and I would like to start combining the colors on my own with the help of the talking color identifier so, can you please tell me the different color combinations that are out there? I will appriciate it! Thank you!

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  58. The colour combinations are very neat and enticing. Subtly settling with each other. Complementing each colour very softly.

    I’ve created similar critique on colours here, combining Men’s leather bomber jackets on sale from UK based online leather jackets stores –

  59. [...] out all of your green garments and accessories. Create a green monochrome look, some analagous looks utilizing blue-greens and teals and purples, try putting green with an unexpected neutral [...]

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