Fashion 101: How To Combine Colors: Complementary Colors and the Two-Thirds Rule

February 2nd, 2009 § 163 comments

Course Description:

It’s easy to fall into a rut and wear the same color combinations over and over again. A. and E. have put all of their art-historical training towards creating a useful color wheel of clothing, designed to inspire new color combinations in yours — and our — wardrobes. This is the first of several modules addressing different color combinations and providing examples from our own daily wear. Follow us as we navigate the color wheel and put color theory into practice.

The Color Wheel:


Color Wheel of Clothes, originally uploaded by academichic.

According to Wikipedia, a color wheel is:

an organization of color hues around a circle, showing relationships between colors

In this model, red, yellow, and blue are primary colors; orange, green, and violet are secondary colors; and red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet are intermediate colors. Color combinations can be built by using the color wheel to build particular color relationships or color schemes.

Module 1: Complementary Colors and the Two-Thirds Rule

Pairing complementary colors is something we found lacking in our daily wear. There are other color combinations, however, that show up frequently in our photo stream without us really understanding why those colors worked together. Today we want to explore how to successfully combine complementary colors and unpack the theory behind some of our go-to color schemes.

Complementary Colors:

These colors appear opposite each other on the color wheel. An example might be red and green:


Red and Green, originally uploaded by academichic.

Because they are complete opposites, complementary colors make each other seem more intense. To be frank, it can be difficult to wear complimentary colors together and simultaneously avoid looking like a page out of a coloring book. As we played with our color wheel, we found that we gravitated towards complementary color schemes that used intermediate colors, such as red-orange and blue-green:


Blue-Green & Red-Orange, originally uploaded by academichic.

We also liked how using a darker hue of a color’s complement created a more sophisticated palette:


Violet & Mustard, originally uploaded by academichic.

So, far E. has worn our lone complementary color outfit. But, hopefully that will change this week.


We’ve realized that we gravitate towards color combinations that make up two-thirds of a triad. In technical terms, a triad is comprised of three hues equidistant from each other on the color wheel. If you were to draw and equilateral triangle in the middle of the color wheel, the points would touch a triad of colors such as red-yellow-blue or orange-green-purple. Triads can be tricky to wear simultaneously (though we’ll be trying to soon!), but we’ve found that picking just two colors from a triad often results in a terrific, eye-catching palette. Our mnemonic device sounds like a pizza topping special: “You pick two!” An example might be blue and yellow, a combination that S. and E. have worn a couple of times:


Blue & Yellows, originally uploaded by academichic.

Another example might be violet and green:


Violet & Green, originally uploaded by academichic.

But, as with the complementary color schemes, we found that we preferred to mix a bright hue with its darker, more subdued complement:


Violet & Olive, originally uploaded by academichic.

Or, like A. did while on vacation, mix a bright hue (yellow) with its lighter complement (pink).


We are going to try these types of color combinations out this week. If you do too, drop us a comment and let us know! And don’t forget to check back soon for Module 2.

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  1. [...] Earrings – Island Souvenir Endnotes: While the rest of this week will be all about trying to play with color combinations I thought today I would get one last neutrals fix. I love mixing neutrals and would consider this green a pseudo-neutral – making this a five neutral combo. They just work so well for layering. But, from today on, I promise to do my homework and try adding new color combinations to my wardrobe. [...]

  2. Andrea says:

    Great post! I’m impressed by your clothing colour wheel. :)

  3. [...] to a too-short-for-teaching dress, and allow for endless color combinations. Today I am pairing two parts of a color triad. Tomorrow look for my attempt at complementary colors. [...]

  4. [...] food words and, really, mustard on an eggplant sounds incredibly unappetizing. But, for our week of color combination experiments, I got past my phobia and wore it anyway. And liked [...]

  5. Danielle says:

    I am so impressed with this color wheel! I will def be referring to this as i put outfits together! I’ve linked you on my blog, hope thats ok!

  6. [...] is outfit two of the Complimentary Color Challenge, a.k.a. Module 1 of How to Combine Colors.  This outfit was largely inspired by A.’s outfit yesterday,in which she also layers a [...]

  7. admin says:

    Thanks Danielle! We love your style and are honored to be included in your list of inspirations!

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  11. Cathie says:

    This is extremely useful! I am very unadventurous when it comes to colors — but just looking at the way you’ve set them up here and your outfits is making me want to go try out some new combinations! I probably won’t ever achieve your level of “chic” but even a little more “color courage” would probably be a good thing in my case. Oops there I go being >negative< again–it’s a bad habit…;-)

  12. admin says:

    Thanks, Cathie, we’re glad we can inspire while having fun with new color combos ourselves. We’re going to keep trying out new color combinations following the “rules” of color theory, so hopefully they’ll keep inspiring you to try new things with your wardrobe too. Keep us posted on how that’s going!

  13. [...] green, yet another complimentary color combination, also seems like an appropriate way to finish up this weeks color homework and say good bye to the bright colors.  Starting Monday we will be back in my comfort zone — [...]

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  15. [...] are a bit more complicated – they are a variation of the complementary color scheme covered in Module 1. In the split version you pair one color with the two colors adjacent to its complementary. [...]

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  20. [...] On a color scheme. Some advice columns suggest that you pack around a particular color scheme, thus ensuring that everything in your suitcase will “go” with everything else. As you can tell from the hodge-podge of colors on the bed, I don’t totally buy that advice. I would grow weary of an all blue weekend. Instead, I have a mix of warm colors (a yellow sweater, red necklace, orange necklace, and warm cognac leather) and cool colors (a purple shirt, purple tights, and a blue scarf) that can play off each other in numerous ways, thanks to my trusty color wheel. [...]

  21. [...] dressed for the first two days of our hectic week. I think we all have been grateful for our color and pattern modules, which have provided a framework for spending even a few harried moments [...]

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  29. [...] Add Color: You can stick with a great pair of black heels and a either add a pop of color in your clutch or your belt. Or if you are feeling a little more daring, try black wedges with a yellow clutch and red belt for two-thirds of the red-yellow-blue triad. [...]

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  31. [...] quickly, when don’t have time to try stuff on, swap out one cami for another, or ponder the color wheel, I often go for an ensemble I have worn before. This morning, for some reason, I thought of this [...]

  32. Leon says:

    i am a straight guy whose closet is full of neutrals and frankly i am sick of it so i was trying to update it and this website is the best help i found yet. the two sources i found useless were the “men’s clothes guides”, they expect me to wear suits all the time, no way. i am a creative person, my wardrobe needs to reflect this. also the “season color guides”, either i don’t understand it or my skin tone doesn’t fall into their theory. so once again thank you for the fashion 101 and the “clothes color wheel”!

  33. harnimrat sidhu says:

    i like u combination…..thanx

  34. Ariana says:

    I’ve always worn opposite colors, but its nice to see that I’m doing it right! I love the way you guys put this color wheel together and showed the two-thirds rule!

  35. Shem Omana says:

    thanks for the tips. you have a good taste of colors.

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  46. cheryl says:

    I enjoy reading your site and have a question.
    I want to wear a burnt orange skirt, but don’t know whether I should wear my green blouse, brown blouse or a combination of these colors in a floral blouse? Any suggestions?

  47. [...] we ever admit to you that we totally made up the term “two-thirds color combination”? It’s not something gleaned from years of art historical study. Instead, it’s a [...]

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  50. Laura Smith says:

    Amazing! I love colors and you did great representing the wheel with fabric. LOVED it!!

  51. Nina says:

    Just discovered your website – actually my daughter sent me the link – I think she’s trying to tell me something! Anyway, I was inspired by your color wheel & tried the two thirds rule with an orange print skirt & olive green tee.Surprise – it worked! Never would have thought of it on my own. Thanks!

  52. Erin enea says:

    I’m a photographer and found this really helpful and very informative for putting together complementary outfits for portraits. Good eye.

  53. Michele says:

    I just found your website and I am really excited. I have a lot of neutrals that need some color and I was never sure how to do this.I look forward to trying these ideas. Michele

  54. [...] in mind when I purchased this shirt on sale a few weeks ago.  I liked the idea of creating a complimentary color scheme. The cascading ruffles, puff sleeves, and all-over pattern  put this top rather outside my comfort [...]

  55. [...] weet niet meer exact welke termen ik had ingegeven in Google, maar kwam op dit resultaat: Fashion 101: How To Combine Colors: Complementary Colors and the Two-Thirds Rule : academichic Ik heb vroeger op school (architectuur) kleurenleer gehad, dus voor mij is dit geen nieuwe [...]

  56. [...] as I was dashing out the door I thought to add a little shine (and a little complementary coloring) by putting this yellow sparkly rhinestone broach on the hem of my dress. I didn’t want to over [...]

  57. [...] a bit more complicated – they are a variation of the complementary color scheme covered in Module 1. In the split version you pair one color with the two colors adjacent to its complementary. [...]

  58. [...] decent general knowledge of the color wheel (copious art lessons as a child), but I find myself pairing colors more consciously since I started following Academichic.  I think I started following Academichic in the spring so [...]

  59. [...] are quite right to think of dark forest green, which would provide a complement to the maroon of the shoe. While red and green scream Christmas and Santa’s elves, a subtle [...]

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  62. HArdy says:

    REally nice n Very HelpFul.. It Cleared my Confusion.. About Colour Combinations. Thanks A lot ..
    N can you pls help me with the Colors n Skintones

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  67. Penny says:

    since i discovered this, i find myself coming back to it very often!thx!

  68. Anna says:

    I stumbled across y’alls blog the other day as a result of a Google search for “complimentary colors”. Need I say now….I’m hooked!! I love following your daily outfits and also looking through archived outfits for inspiration! Your insight has gotten me looking at my wardrobe with a different perspective! Yesterday, I paired my red-wood-bead necklace with a dark teal shirt instead of a safe black shirt! Small, I know, but just an example of how y’all have inspired me! Thanks for your dedication to this blog and improving the fashion of countless women out there! :)

  69. nikky says:

    please what colour can use as purse and shoe with Ocean colour…

  70. robinson adenike says:

    please can mint green accessories goes with pink materials

  71. Rachel says:

    This is awesome! Thanks!! :)

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  77. Debrah says:

    Great article but it didn’t have everything-I didn’t find the kiethcn sink!

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  82. havu says:

    I have been having troubles trying to make outfits for myself such as multicolor which i did not know until my boyfriend told me what it is. I still do not understand multicolor though. One day a thought occurred to me why not try making outfits from the complementary colors (the huge color wheel). The thought made me conjure a lot of outfits. :)

  83. Thanks for sharing ! Keep the tips coming..

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  86. JOHN says:

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    This is so helpful and gave me great ideas and knowledge! Thank you! It makes me want to mix all different color combinations and create something unique!

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  95. katie says:

    Thank you so much for this! I am currently trying to create an adult wardrobe for when I graduate college and have been looking for a guide EXACTLY.LIKE.THIS. :)

  96. [...] I cannot say enough good things about the sadly defunct Academichic in general, but I really like their take on colour theory, which you can see here. [...]

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